Random thoughts again

I’ve had more thoughts.

Everybody works for the president. No matter what you do. I guess it’s rather obvious. If you don’t think so, here’s how it goes down.
Say, for example, you’re a teacher. You’re under the supervision of the principal, who is under the supervision of the superintendent, who works for the governor. I don’t want to get into all this politics crap, but you know the governor works for the president.
You’re a bellboy. You work for your boss (obviously) who has to pay taxes to the FDA and the FLA (Federal Liscence admin.), which goes to the president.

I still think school is a communism.

I think it’s very possible that underneath all this outer political stuff, there’s a network of secret polititians that control everything. The president has no power; he and we only think he does. There are secret police all around us, watching us, looking for people that might know about the secret government. Their technology is really advanced, and is secret.
Maybe the Matrix is a true story.

I keep thinking of stuff to write, but I always forget it right when I sit down. It’s rather irritating. Nothing I just wrote about was planned.

Deep down, I’m really racist. The only reason people don’t know this is because I don’t say stuff out loud. I’m not going to say who I’m racist against, because I might get killed. I used to be sexist, too, but I got that fixed.

I was such a…date-o-phobe in elementary school. I remember in 6th grade this guy and girl were dating and I was like, “ew.” They were the first people I knew that dated. ¬†Then I changed schools to Olympic View Middle, and there was dating all around. At first I was like, “O_O?” Then by the end of the year I had gotten comfortable by the thought of dating. I had trouble having a casual conversation with a girl up until the end of…ninth grade? I know, I’m weird.

I like cheese.

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